More Toes on Roads for September!

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    here is the link to the spreadsheet for the September competition:

    Here is how things will be done for September (some scoring changes):

    The scoring system has been changed for this month. This month’s competition is somewhat biased towards chapters with lots of members out running but doing a lot less mileage than some of the ‘running machines’ that we have in the BRS J. This competition is for those of you that maybe only do 5km or 10km a week, to encourage you to do those few extra runs.

    Every member that does 25km during September will earn 1 point.

    Every member that does 50km will earn 3 points.

    Any miles done over 50km will not earn any additional points!

    Rally your troops by sharing this link with your fellow chapter members. The competition will start at 12:00am UST, September 1, 2014 and finish at 12:00pm UST, September 30, 2014.

    As for last month, whenever you do a run, walk or hike in bare feet, huararches or minimalist running shoes, add your username in the top row on the front sheet and your distance in the row of your chapter. (If your chapter is not there already, please add it.) Then when you do additional runs during the month, just update the distance each time. (The two back sheets do all the clever sums needed to calculate the real-time rankings. It is not necessary to enter any data onto these sheets.)

    NOTE: There has been a special request that all members use the formula =0+5+5 etc. on the spreadsheet to allows others to see what length and number of runs the top performers are doing.

    Remember ….

    As a minimum, going for a run means you have your running gear on and do a run, walk or hike of one mile or more.

    If you THINK it doesn’t constitute a run, then it probably isn’t! This competition relies entirely on your honesty.

    So it looks like most of my miles won't be counted this month. Sigh. If you want Idaho to show in the ranking, there have to be more of us involved. As a low population state, that could be challenging.
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