Minimalist shoes with PT uniform ILO VFFs?

Discussion in 'Military Barefoot & Minimalist Running' started by CPT Hoolie, Sep 16, 2011.

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    So I'm just wondering what other minimalist shoes y'all have tried in lieu of VFFs with the Army PT uniform.

    I'm thinking about getting VIVOBarefoot Aqua Lites and wearing white Injinji over-the-ankle socks during those times I have to work out in PTs.

    1) The only white Injinji socks have the logo tag on the cuff and are heavyweight. Anyone know how thick these socks are? Would I have to size up the VIVOs if I wear them with socks? Can I cut the tag off without too much trouble?

    2) How do the VIVOs hold up during formation PT? Does the light weight and flexibility cause trouble with standard Army PT exercises or PRT (or whatever the heck they are calling it these days)? What about during grappling?

    If not minimalist shoes, what are you wearing with PTs?

    Thanks in advance!
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    For now I am using Merrell

    For now I am using Merrell Trail Gloves because all I can run on is gravel and rocks. When I get back to garrison I am thinking about picking up some Dash Lites for the roads.

    As far as the iniji socks, I ordered some but they still have not shown up here. I was going to do the same thing as you and cut the tag off if I could. If not I was going to fold the top of the sock inside so you cant see the tag when wearing them.

    I was doing the new PRT exercises in my VFFs and had no problems. The only thing was I had to be weary of putting my foot down softly because some of the exercises cause people to slam their feet into the ground (I forget the name but it looks like a high knee skip). As far as grappling, shoes should not be an issue (assuming you are limited to staying on your knees) and when we were on our feet we took our shoes off.
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    Mornin' CAP,          I have

    Mornin' CAP,

    I have been training in VFFs for a year now. I first had issues while at ALC in Salina, KS. Like Eric, I went to the Merril Trail Glove for my "official" runs with the company and for APFT. No issues there and I have taken a minute 10 off my best time. I also where Merril tough gloves when I'm not working, of course when I am working it's all boot.

    As far as socks, I use the iniji only in VFFs and use other brands in the trail gloves. No issues or complaints with any socks or liners so far. Really the only problem I've had is an MCL issue. I do have questions on that for another forum.


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