Mileage reporting week 24 ( Jun 14- Jun 20 )

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    4.3 miles on Tuesday and 5.2 miles today ( Thursday ) , both being beach runs. These will be the final 2 runs of my 2 week vacation. Then it is back to Presque Isle next week. Both runs were in pleasantly warm Summer conditions. I have been seeing a lot of interesting sea birds and dolphins on every outing. Todays run was at low tide which allowed me to run on a more horizontal surface- very nice!
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    Had a few days break this week, so just a pleasant 6km this morning for me..
    Had a lot of rain overnight here -so some nice warm puddles to run through!;)..
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    Boulder and I did 3 runs this week.
    Tuesday 3 miles.
    Thursday 4 miles.
    Today 8 miles.
    All days it was warm weather.
    We spotted lightning bugs (fire fly's), ducks, rabbits, a hawk and lots of birds.
    3 really great outings :D
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    7 days - 7 runs weekly milage 35.64. Run streak days 175 to 182.

    From yesterday's journal

    Run Streak Day 182: 9.30 miles. 2021 miles 569.11

    Tonight at 11:32 pm EDT is the summer solstice. I started my running streak on Dec 21, 2020 the winter solstice with the goal of running every day until the spring equinox, March 20, as a way to get me to run during the winter. On March 20th, I decided to continue the run streak and try to make it to the summer solstice. Now that I am there, I am still injury free, and I am enjoying running most days I will continue with the goal of the fall equinox. One of the benefits of the run streak is it has taken away the choice to not run. My choice now is only how far and when. If I am tired or need to drive to a client or otherwise busy, I run the minimum of 1 mile. Other than that it is 3 or more miles everyday. Another unexpected benefit is that I have gotten faster. I routinely run sub 9 min miles comfortably which used to be pushing it for me.

    This morning I did my 5 mile base run with an additional 4 miles on the beach. From the south end of the boardwalk, I headed south through Dewey to the Deleware Beach state park - tower beach where I turned around and headed back the the boardwalk then home. On each run, I look for something to motivate me and make the run enjoyable. Today was watching the dogs play on the beach especially the labs swimming in the ocean.

    Garmin Stats are 9.3 miles in 1:23:36 for an avg pace of 8:59. No HR data but I did carry my phone so I would have music today.
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