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    Apr 3, 2012
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    The Merrell Sonic Glove is simply put the best shoes I have ever worn!!!!!
    A few months ago the folks at convinced me to get over my hesitation of ordering shoes online, and I’m glad they did as I have found with a little bit of trial and error the best pair of all around shoes I have ever worn. My feet are so happy.

    The Fit: Although most people have reviewed this shoe as fitting true to size I couldn’t disagree more. But going on the overall review I read on line I decided to order up a size 8 and after two days of sliding around and slowly developing blisters I decided I need to return them. Bringing me to why I have always been so hesitant on ordering shoes online. They all fit so different.

    But the service department at made the return process so easy I have to say that driving to any shoe store in my area and testing out the shoes they have and finding the right size right away would of required more effort then the process that offered me.

    Back to Fit – After returning my original pair of shoes I was eagerly awaiting my new pair of 7.5’s and unlike most shoes I loved them the moment I put them on. Instead of waiting for the foam to contour to your foot you just have to wait for your foot to strengthen to the softness of the shoe. Even though I love these shoes and there fit I feel like they may still be a size to large. So my recommendation would be to buy at least a 1/2 size down. Width of the shoe did not seam to change with the size.

    Running: First off I am not a runner. I am a climber I use running as a means to stay lean and in shape. I have been running in vibram5fingers for several years now and these shoes just do not compare. Much of my feeling about this is due to the low level of sliding I feel when running a slide that does not exist when walking around. So for the runner I still favor the 5fingers but for the all around shoe these are amazing.

    As I mentioned earlier I love running in my 5fingers but they have always performed poorly in the rocky New England trails thus refining my running to the street, well groomed grass fields and the treadmill. I was really hoping that the sole of these shoes would allow me to hit the trails with out stabbing pain form small stones pressing through the thin rubber of the 5fingers and they are better. But not by much those stones just hurt. I’ll be looking eagerly for a pair of minimalist shoes that fit this niche.

    Style: They can be worn to the Pub without making the girls laugh enough said. These shoes unlike 5fingers can be worn virtually anywhere you chose to go.

    Warmth: I know weird topic to review but these Merrill’s definitely have the ups and downs when it comes warmth. The Sonic Glove’s top fabric is very tightly sewn making them almost waterproof and very lacking of breathability. Which I feel will come in handy throughout the coming winter but will probably come to be a sweat fest as summer rolls back in. For those of you living in a warmer climate I would recommend the Trail Glove which has a mesh upper.

    Pants: Again weird topic I know but if you’re like me and end up loving these shoes and wearing them everywhere you go you’ll be wearing them with pants. This will probably cause you to notice that you’re walking on the bottom edge of every pair of pants you own. Its amazing what that 1/2in. heal does to prevent the annoying tripping on your pants effect. Rather annoying hemming may be require.

    Overall Review: As I said before these are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. I used to walk into my house and be relieved at the moment I got my shoes off but these are so close to not wearing anything I often forget I have them on and at times I put them on to act like slippers so that my feet stay warm. So in closing I wouldn’t use these for running but for the everyday kick the Merrell Sonic Glove is top notch.

    Mark Heffley
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    Apr 5, 2010
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    I got a pair of these on sale this winter and am very grateful I did. We had a ridiculously cold winter this year with far too much time with the mercury double digits below zero farenheit. Add to that I adopted a dog whose idea of running involves a lot of stopping--suddenly. The sonic gloves offered good traction and warmth for the conditions. The waterproof aspects have been welcome as well as our nearly twelve feet of snow this winter melts.

    I highly recommend this as a minimalist shoe for cold and wet conditions. Come summer, I'll be back to VFFs and some barefoot -- though probably not barefoot with the dog unless she becomes less erratic.

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