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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Gidds, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Ground Feel-N/A
    Zero Drop-N/A
    Toe Box-N/A
    Weight-Excellent very light tech fabric similar to that used by Nike but slightly more on the "affordable" end of the spectrum
    Comfort- Very nice, didn't feel "snakey" like some tech fabric does, no itchy seams or chafing. It was about 70F yesterday with a steady light rain and I didn't feel too hot or too cold.
    Fit-True to size. I got the men's small because I am a woman and there wasn't a women's option for the same model. I still may have chosen the men's even if there was since I like room to breathe and don't care to have my goodies on display. I am medium height and slim-medium build, long limbs, moderately buxom with a short torso and the shirt falls just past my hip, neck and shoulders are a good fit, sleeves were long, which I like. Petite ladies might not like this fit. Broad shouldered ladies may need to go up a size. Men, you're on your own I don't know anything about your clothes :p
    Durability- I will expound upon this more after I sweat all over it all summer
    Performance-Good. It was raining steadily during the 5k yesterday and it wicked as well as could be expected and didn't fill icky, soggy, or heavy.
    Cross Training-I sometimes wear these kind of shirts as sun protection for cycling hiking, or the beach
    Design-Lovely design with the IRBD logo strategically placed over the goodies in a concealing fashion that I appreciated considering the fact that I was soaking wet and it's a white shirt. I took the precaution of wearing a grey sports bra but the logo still had me covered. I also added my signature to the back of the shirt, mostly because I hate talking to people, especially about my unconventional choice of running attire. It is nice clear font and looks good.
    Aesthetics-See above.
    Comments: I think I'll get one with the new BRS logo, I really like this shirt!
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    That's good to know, Gidds. Glad you're liking your purchase.
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