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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by Christian Barefooteur, Dec 9, 2017.

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    Hey guys, Barefoot TJ asked me to organise the ToRC and Winter Challenges in order to make them more visible for everyone, and get lots of participants.

    TJ has made a Sub-Forum, Member Competitions, under Main Forums. There you will find the two further sub-forums dedicated to the ToRC (Toes on the Road Competition) and Winter Competition, respectively.

    The goal of course is to have Chapter Presidents and Chapter volonteers update their members at the beginning of every month (for ToRC) and once a year (for the Winter Challenge).

    These are really worthwhile competitions, because they build international camaraderie and get people out there, logging miles, kilometers and experience! And frankly, when the weather turns cold, we barefoot runners need all the motivation we can muster, right?

    OK, guys and gals - your turn! Go tell your members about these two challenges.

    See you out there, on the road!

    Barefoot Christian
    President, BRS France since 2011
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    Thanks so much for all the great help!

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