Member Blog of the Week - My First 5K Mud Run By Cali Girl

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    Member Blog of the WeekMy First 5K Mud RunBy Cali Girl
    I'm behind due to a week vacationing with the family for spring break. Idid my Mon and Wed run last weeklike normal. Both went exremely well. I am really happy with how using my inhaler has helped with my breahing and how attacking the hills local to me in a slow and steady manner has been going. They don't overwhelm me like they used to.

    Ididn't do my Fri run, instead saving it for Sun when my 19 yr old daughter and I ran the San Diego 5k mud run. This was our first mud run and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Our goal was to finish and finish together. My daughter is a pre-nursing student who also works part time and has no time for extras including exercise most of the time. She was worried about disappointing me. I told her that was crazy since we were going to have fun.

    It was overcast, dreary, windy and cold the day of the run. I thought we would freeze before it even got started. lol I was dreading being wet big time. Brrrrrr. I was really proud of the two of us. Not only did we finish together but we stopped and helped others along the way which felt freaking great since we both needed help getting up some of the muddy embankments a time or two ourselves.

    By the time we finished I had a hole in the right butt cheek of my pants all the way through my panties and had scraped the skin off my butt in that area. Guess I used that cheek in sliding down those embankments. My daughter had a bruised and scraped behind too, but no holes in her clothes. hehehe I wore my VFF's and they did real well. Next time I do a mud run I will wear socks with them though because they got real slick causing my toes to slide far forward and become sore. otherwise I had no issues and didn't even bother taping them as most others did.

    I saw a few others wearing vff's and even one guy barefoot. I don't know if he started that way or just lost a shoe or two along the way, but after hopping into a few of the mud pits and hitting rocks hat hurt even through my Vff's I was glad I didn't attempt it bare!

    As we were leaving I was talking with one of the volunteers. he was really nice just sort of getting everyone pumped up. We were coming across the finish line and he gave me a thumbs up and said, "Wow, you're still smiling." I was too. It was hard but so much fin and such a great experience to share with my daughter!

    I'm signing up to do a local 5k in a couple of weeks and hoping I can get the family involved in doing Relay For Life in May. If not I will sign up and join an already existing team. So far that is all I have planned. I'll start week 7 of the Couch to 5k tomorrow. Been a week since I've run. My feet are itching to be out there again.


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