Meeting another barefoot trail runner...

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Running' started by Visions Of Asia, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Jun 13, 2018
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    So, it seemed for quite some time that I was the only barefoot runner in Hong Kong. Now I know that is not true any longer.

    On one of our hikes through the Maclehose trail, we can across Yuan, a barefoot trail runner since 4 years already. The nice thing being that he is even an ultra runner, having completed 63 kms on the HK 100...

    A monster, this guy, and compared to him I truly feel dwarfed by his achievements. We built up a relationship and have been since corresponding via Whatsapp. We plan some day, when our agendas align, to go on and do a run together in the hills...
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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Very cool. I love that you met another barefooter. Those trails look amazing. I love the different challenges they pose. :barefoot:
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