Meet the couple who ran 6500 miles across South America – "Minimal"

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    run-across-south-america.jpg Meet the couple who ran 6500 miles across South America – "Minimal"

    Our thermometer read 32F (0C). A blizzard tore at our faces. We could barely see the opposite bank of the metallic slick of water that rushed menacingly past us. Our only option was to swim.

    It was July 28 2012 and the sound of the Olympic gun was resonating through the streets of London. However, my husband David and I were standing at Cape Froward, the southernmost tip of South America, after having forded four glacier-fed rivers, before starting our expedition: running the whole length of the continent.

    We would travel 6,504 miles (10,467km) through five countries in 15 months. Starting in Chile, we would run the entire “Carretera Austral”– a 1,000-mile (1,609km) road – through temperate rainforest and under snow-capped mountains. To continue reading, please visit:

    Meet the couple who ran 6500 miles across South America – dodging hurricane-force winds and ...
    David and I both adore running. It's what we do to relax, re-charge, and ignite ideas. Running would allow us to penetrate the moods of the land and its creatures. With only a couple of millimetres of “barefootshoe soles separating us from the earth's heartbeat, we would move silently, stealthily, creeping ...
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    Never pulled a trailer before. Sounds difficult.

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