[May 6, 2012] FL/Sarasota - IBRD Beach Fun Run (Sarasota, FL)

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    Join us for a fabulous barefoot run on the 99% pure quartz sand of the #1 beach in America and celebrate the second International Barefoot Running Day.

    Last year was a blast. This year will be epic. Put this on your barefoot bucket list and enjoy a run you will remember forever!

    Yellow lifeguard hut, Siesta Key Beach
    948 Beach Road
    Sarasota, FL 34242

    Contact: Marc Conyers
    Email: marc@barefootmarc.org

    RSVP here: http://thebarefootrunners.org/threads/may-6-2012-fl-sarasota-ibrd-beach-fun-run-sarasota-fl.6567/

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