[May 24, 2013] Moving Forward - Barefoot Ken Bob (Boulder, CO)

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Moving Forward - Barefoot Ken Bob
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Xero Shoes
5470 Conestoga Ct
Boulder, CO 80301

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    How to Run Forward without Breaking your Feet or other Body Parts – EVEN in “barefoot shoes”!
    The goal of these FREE presentations is to help people learn how to teach themselves how to run and/or walk more gently, efficiently, and gracefully through the use of the good senses that we have been blessed with in, among other places, the soles of our feet.
    For decades I’ve known people thought that running barefoot was all about tensing the calves and running up on the fore-foot, and building up the strength in the calves and feet so they could run this way. And a very few dedicated athletes may be able to successfully survive putting this much strain on the calves, Achilles tendons, and metatarsals but most of us, who should be running a few miles, a few times a week, to maintain our health just don’t want to dedicate our lives to having the strongest feet in the world.
    And that’s okay, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton will teach you how to figure out how to run gently, efficiently, and gracefully. So that, not only will you be able to build up (still somewhat gradually) to running further and faster, sooner, in a way that puts less stress and strain on the body, which should result in fewer injuries (and has for the thousands of people who have attended Ken Bob’s Play-Fun-Shops, Presentations, and/or read “Barefoot Running Step by Step” (co-authored with Roy M. Wallack)
    But while one goal of these presentations (and Ken Bob’s Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops) is to teach people the basics so that they can get started running more safely, the main goal is to help people understand the principles of how barefoot running helps us teach ourselves so that they can adapt the way they move, as our bodies grow, get injured, heal, age, and otherwise change, so that we may continue to improve the way we move more safely, efficiently, and gracefully.
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