March Group Run Report

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    This month's run was held at Upper Landing Park along the Mississippi in downtown St. Paul. Our group consisted of Lyle, Cyndi, Garrett, Sky, Shin and a four legged runner, Kona.

    This was a new trail and turned out be great for barefooting. We left West along the river up to Randolph. From there we turned East and ran down to the Hwy 52 bridge from which we turned to go back to the park. The total distance is about 5 miles, half of it is fresh asphalt and concrete, while the other half is weathered asphalt.

    If you could not make it out for the group run, you should run this trail on your own. Great views, a nice grassy area to hangout in, and easy on the feet.

    Come out and join us next time if you missed us.

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