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    er, did something wrong with

    er, did something wrong with the link, here it is again, in fool-proof code:

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    Going slow doesn't "tap" into

    Going slow doesn't "tap" into anything, nor does it stave off a bonk. You're still using both aerobic and anaerobic systems even when you go slow, just more of your aerobic. If you could "tap" into your aerobic system exclusively, we'd have people who could literally run forever, since you have enough energy in one pound of fat to do 4 marathons consecutively. You're still going to be anaerobic, you still use up your limited glyogen stores, and you're still going to bonk eventually.

    The whole "run slow to run fast" thing works, but not because you finally get in touch with your aerobic system. You use your aerobic system all the time, even when you sprint. MAF training teaches people who run too fast to begin with to finally slow down to a speed they can run comfortably and actually develop some endurance without overtraining and taxing their anaerobic system so much. People usually don't know where that point is, which is why they aren't making any progress, overtraining, and getting hurt. When you finally get to the right speed, your anaerobic threshold goes up naturally because you aren't so dang tired all the time.

    Thing is...the same thing happens when you replace volume with intensity (i.e. 40 miles a week for 20 miles worth of intervals).

    I could go on all day. Let's be clear, I'm not anti-Maffetone. But I hate when folks hold it up as the only way to run healthy. Maffetone used to be anti anything that involved anaerobic activity. He used to condemn strength training because it was an anaerobic activity. He has even admitted he overreached there. The notion that you should only go slow in order to stay healthy is ridiculous.

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