Événements Lydiard Park 5K TrailBall® Speed Challenge

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    The first ever TrailBall® event to be held in the UK. Open to all types of runners. (TrailBalls provided.)

    Three teams of players will be formed on the day and the race will follow the route of the Swindon parkrun


    Any number of players can make up a team (though the recommended number is three to six per team.) All teams will start at the same time, and bragging rights will be awarded to the first team to complete the course with their TrailBall. The race will be timed and results published on all TrailBall® websites.

    For more rules and instructions, please refer to the TrailBall UK Facebook page.

    Parking is available at the Park. Please meet at the parkrun start

    For more details and to confirm attendance: CLICK HERE

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