Looking for pacers for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon & Half Marathon (12/11/16)

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    Beast Pacing is looking for pacers for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon & Half Marathon (12/11/16) in Biloxi, MS. They need marathon pacers for the following time slots: 3:05, 3:15, 3:25 3:35 and 5:00 and a 1:40 half marathon pacer. If you are interested in pacing this or others please send an email to info@beastpacing.com with your last 3 marathon or half marathon times (whichever is applicable), the races you ran them at, your phone #, address, singlet/shirt size, and if you own a Garmin or other GPS type watch.

    All pacers receive a complimentary entry into the race and all the goodies the regular runners receive (shirt, medal, official time, swag bag, and post race food etc.)

    Pacers are not allowed to wear music while pacing and are there to encourage and help other runners reach their goals.

    If you are motivated, love to help others, and can keep a consistent pace they'd love to hear from you! (See link below.)

    There are many opportunities all over the country. If the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon/Half doesn't fit you, but you are interested in pacing other races please contact them.


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