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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Modenacart, Dec 9, 2015.

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    After wining the contest for the legend armband the company contacted me quickly and I received the product from them within a week or so. They sent both a black and white male and a white female.

    In all three bands my iPhone 6 with a luvitt case fits very well. When attached to my arm I feel there is no risk of my phone falling out. The band also has a convent pocket on the underside that you could put a key or hotel card key in which is great for traveling. The band is very light weight and thin which makes it very nice for running and traveling. I have had no issues using the touch screen while my phone is in the band and I can push through the material to operate the volume buttons. There is an opening in the bottom which allows for headphones to be plugged in. The band fits nicely on my arm and the woman's just fits my wife's arm almost being too large but she has skinny arms and with the phone in the band there is no problem. Strapping the band on is a little tricky but once you figure it out there is no problem.

    Even though the band is thin I don't think there will be a durability problem.

    I would recommend this band.

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