Lake Andrea (Pleasant Prairie)

Discussion in 'Chapters' started by VanBo, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Hello, just wondering if there are any other BF runners that go to Lake Andrea? I live south of Burlington, but work in Lake Forest, IL, so drive by Lake Andrea on my way to/from work. I've been going running there lately after work, and it's wonderful. I'm used to running on my rural roads, which are covered in gravel from the shoulder... it's SO nice running on nearly debris-free asphalt, and the scenerey there is beautiful. Many strange looks, and a few comments from others walking/skating/running there, but it's never real crowded. I find the asphalt to be too hot if it's sunny all day, and the temps are above 80-85 degrees, so I don the VFFs in those cases.

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    Feel free to send this via a

    Feel free to send this via a post in the Wisconsin Chapter. Normally, we reserve the chapters for scheduling meetups and working out the details, but since the Wisconsin Chapter is a bit quite, I think it would be alright. When you post in the chapter everyone in the chapter gets an email with your message or a link back to your message.
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    I used to live down there, I

    I used to live down there, I live up in Sheboygan right now, but I had lived in Pleasant Prairie for 12 years, until 4 years ago that is.

    That path is definately better than the Recplex, if that's still around...

    Personally if I lived around there I would go to Petrifying springs near parkside college, even though those are mostly for mountain bikers, there are some lovely trails there. Maybe check it out on a weekend or something. =)

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