Kolob Arch (Zion NP) Southern Utah

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    My wife was in surgery a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't wait in the hospital during that time, I would have gone crazy. I know I won't get husband of the year for not staying by her side, but I needed to relieve some stress.
    Did a trail run called Kolob Arch in Southern Utah. It is the first leg of the Zion Traverse (one of the latest Ultra Runners bucket list items) Most people will hike the Kolob Arch trail, but it is also a nice trail run. A out and back puts it at 11 miles. Very barefoot friendly. The first couple of miles are a little rocky, but mostly packed clay. I happened to do this trail after some horses went through when it was muddy. The dried tracks made it a little rough. Most of the middle part of the trail follows a stream and the trail is sandy. About 10 stream crossings. It was nice not to worry about getting my shoes wet and the cold water felt great. The last part of the trail is rocky but you can find smooth spots in between the rocks. Or just walk on the rocks, they are smoother sandstone. At the end of the trail is a beautiful arch to look at. Then you go back the way you came. I did about 3/4 of the trail barefoot. Put sandals on to get out a little quicker. Got back to the hospital where my wife was just getting out of recovery. All is good.
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    That would be a beautiful place to horseback ride.

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