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    Date Product Reviewed: 09/05/2011
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    8/16/11 Got the flits yesterday, and wore them inside. The size 10 felt perfect in the toebox, a bit loose at the heel. I was concerned that the heels might be too floppy for walking and running. Good thing: shoes are cute and will look fine in any setting except ultra-formal.

    8/17 Wore shoes to work. At lunch time, walked and ran on smooth cement sidewalk and grass. I am getting comfortable running barefoot on these surfaces, beginning to get the hang of relaxing my limbs and falling forward a bit to get momentum. I can run without pounding, if barefoot. But with shoes, it is more difficult, even with VFFs. The fit of the flits today is excellent; no problem with heel flop or sliding on the achilles tendon. The soles offer more protection from any little bumpies and sharpies than VFFs, with correspondingly less ground-feel, and this somehow makes it harder to run smoothly. I will be working on getting good form with these shoes.

    8/20 Ran very slowly in kigos on grass, easy trail, and a bit on concrete. Took walking breaks, and concentrated on keeping my spine straight and letting everything else relax. Running today was much easier than last time. Slowness is key to learning the form. I think I can get it in these shoes. Wore toe socks (to remind me that I have toes). These shoes fit perfectly, but as with all shoes, I find them more comfortable with socks. YMMV of course. I am very encouraged today!

    8/28 Ran on dry dirt trail with some hilly bits. On the hills, especially downhill, I felt that my footing was insecure because my feet were sliding a bit in the shoes. This is not a problem with VFFs, of course, because they fit tightly. The flits are more like slippers, which makes them ideal on fairly level and smooth surfaces-- perfect for track or road, and for levelish trails. Perhaps drives would work better on hills, because you can lace them up.

    Summary: I have worn the flits walking and running on various surfaces for almost three weeks, almost every day. They are extremely versatile, well-made, and stylish. I ran in them, walked in them, and played concerts with my orchestra in them. Walking on stage entails moving on stairs and risers, sidling around chairs with violins on them, and eeling one's way through small spaces between chairs, stands, etc. It is very much easier to do this in kigos (or other minimalist shoes) than in high heels. Feeling the floor really helps, in this or any other environment. The shoes performed very well on all surfaces. Whatever I was doing, I felt as if I were at home in my slippers. Now that is relaxing!

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