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    HI all - RR for CT

    The last Sunday in October I brought the family to Kent CT in very western CT. It took about an hour drive, but what a cute little town. Amazing mountains and great foliage this time of the year. Weather was very nice about 55 degrees.

    We pulled into the address on the registration form and quickly found our way to the registration. The kids were now ready to run in their costumes. The race started about 11:15 for the shorter 1/2 mile distance and then just after the 1 mile group was set off.

    This course was a mowed field with hay bales as periodic borders. Very foot friendly even though my kids wore sneakers. The loop is pretty large and I was unable to see the turnaround from the starting line. This was an untimed race. There were some kids in costumes but not as many as I thought.

    Just before noon, I lined up for the 5 mile road race. I was dressed as Wreck-it Ralph. (he's barefoot) so was I. Had some nice conversations at the start and then went out. My outfit was not optimal for running. I had home-made overalls made from burlap. Yep. I put shorts on underneath, because - I did mention burlap right? up top I wore a body sized stuffed muscle shirt and arms that ended in some big stuffed cloth fists. And, because I wasnt done, I wore a wig.

    I learned many things this race. Wearing a muscle shirt with stuffing then a t-shirt even if its tech, and then another t-shirt, gets warm. Adding a wig adds to that. Being unable to use your hands to carry water adds to that. So I was plenty warm enough. Back to the run.

    The first mile is on the roads and nothing special. The second mile is mostly unpaved with dirt and moderate sized gravel with maybe a 4% incline then decline. Before mile 2 is over, the pavement returns. I skipped the first water station but hit the next one, coming to a complete stop, using both fists to hold the cup and then drinking. Hey - it worked! Had several people comment on the barefoot running. I have been to other CT races where I may be the only barefoot runner, but it seems people have at least heard of people doing it. This one seemed there were less who even knew it was an option.

    Miles 3 and 4 were pretty quiet but with nice scenery. Mile 4 was along a busier (not busy) stretch of road. Here you had to run in the breakdown lane, and it was a little difficult to get around people or for them to get around you. Mile 5 was great! Coming down the Main St there were spectators galore! Some in the back of their pickup trucks, others standing by their cars, but lots of great energy. Coming around the corner onto Main Street from maybe 75 yrds away a guy at the gas station yelled "Wreck it Ralph!" LOL - nice when the costume gets recognized. The kids were great too. Since I was wearing fists, a running fist-bump seemed natural.

    The finish is the same as the start, its a cute little shopping center, except that the town hall is one of the buildings. Great pumpkin soup was part of the post race food. No medals, but a bright orange t-shirt with registration. The winners got a ceramic coffee mug with 2013 KENT Pumpkin Run on it.

    If you want to see photos, did the shoot. I am on page 4, picture #130. Bib 40.

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