Ken Bob's Too Much Fun Tour 2018 Autumn

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    Helloo Out There!

    Ken Bob's Too Much Fun Tour 2018 Autumn

    If you're interested, let me know.

    Some of the events listed, no barefooters have expressed interest in attending or helping to organize. However, we may have friends and/or family in some of those locations. Some locations we simply must pass through to get across the country. Still if not one person shows an interest we're not going to bother scheduling a get-together in those locations.

    Any barefooters, Vegans, dog-lovers, yogins, long-haired, tie-dye-wearing, bearded, hippie-wannabes, etc. interested in a get-together in any of the following locations?

    NOTE: Some events may be cancelled due to lack of interest.
    NOTE: Other event dates may be shifted or shuffled as a result of cancelled events.

    Check the current schedule at:
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    Hey Ken Bob,
    I've come out of my long winter hibernation to prepare for the new season and saw your message. I am the Colorado IBRS chapter representative and the organizer for the past two years of the Barefoot Running group and the Front Range Barefoot Hiking group. I would love to host an event here on your Too much fun tour. I live in Littleton and it would be great to work with you. I have nearly 700 people that are members of the two Meetup groups which is a great opportunity.
    I've had a lot of trouble getting people involved, having only a couple people each event. I've even teamed up with Steven at Xero Shoes. Maybe you can bring out some more barefooters. Let's plan this out.
    I look forward to it.

    Barefoot Bart aka Gary
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