Ken Bob's Nor’easter +plus+ Tour (2013)

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    Ken Bob's Nor’easter +plus+ Tour (2013)

    Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is planing on being in your area!

    I don't really expect much interest in an event in Roseau, but I will be passing through there to visit with a step-brother, on the way back to California, so just in case any of you are that far north (or want to organize a long road trip from Minneapolis/St. Paul. I plan to be there the evening of July 5th.

    more info:


    In some areas I already have overnight hosts, and in some areas one or more confirmed events. In those cases, all you folks need do, is drag your family, friends, and enemies to the event.

    Where I need an overnight host, I do have some specific requirements. PLEASE don't offer to host us if you can't accomadate these requirements!


    1. I will be traveling with a large furry dog, Herman (, and I do NOT want to leave this nearly-90-pound dog alone in a strange place thousands of miles away from home - being left alone might make him sad, and mostly because if he decides he's going to be upset with me for deserting him in a strange place, I can't afford to replace your fine furniture, carpet, walls, etc.. I can barely afford this trip! On the other hand, Herman is actually, mostly, a pretty nice and gentle dog, who loves cats, puppies, and small children. Given a few minutes (and a few treats, and a lot of back-scratching), he can generally get used to most adults and pre-pubescent children. But, if you are allergic to dogs, then please don't offer to host us overnight - then when I show up, tell me that Herman needs to be tied up outside or in the garage.

    Besides Herman is part of the show, he is featured on page 44 of Barefoot Running Step by Step (BUY MY BOOK!)

    2. Yes, I am sensitive - it says so in Barefoot Running Step by Step (BUY MY BOOK!) - to the smell of coffee, tobacco, even melons (though melon smell at least doesn't waft throughout the room as much as smoke and hot coffee fumes. So if you can't survive your morning without coffee, cigars, or cigarettes in your home, in fact, if you allow smoking in your home at all (the smell tends to linger, age, and get worse over the years) then PLEASE don't offer to host us overnight, or I might suffer headaches, nausea and if you're lucky, you might even get to watch me VOMIT!

    3. I am Vegan. But that doesn't mean I'll be offended eating with some carnivores, and I'm not asking you to go out of your way to buy some fruits (NO MELONS PLEASE), vegetables, and nuts for me. I'll have plenty of my own food with me. Also I will have Herman's food with me - though Herman might enjoy sharing a small bite of your steak - careful, not too much, he's sensitive too. And, trust me, you really don't want Herman vomitting in your home!


    These too, must be DOG-FRIENDLY!
    And Barefoot Friendly

    If you know of a local store that is dog-friendly and interested in hosting my presentation and book-signing, let me know, or give the management my contact information so we can arrange something.

    I have a mutli-media presentation (How to Run Forward without Breaking your Feet or other Body Parts - EVEN in “barefoot shoes”) and I am looking for places to set up my own equipment (projector, screen, notebook, wireless microphones, video cameras, small P.A. system, etc.). Should be a nice dry space out of the direct sun and rain with electricity (110-120AC). Often sporting goods, running specialty, or holistic health, etc., type of stores will welcome presentations like this at no charge, since it draws potential customers into their store. PLEASE, NO COFFEE SHOPS (see comment above about vomiting)

    Inside a store I could also do book-signings, and book sales, for those who don't already own a hard-copy (paperback) of Barefoot Running Step by Step (BUY MY BOOK!)

    WARNING! I'm charging $20 a copy! The book is available for MUCH less at Amazon. AND if you follow the link below to BUY MY BOOK! I make a small percentage in addition to my usual royalty (and I don't need to carry as many books on th tour)... But, if people want to pay $20 to buy a copy from me in person, I'll make a few dollars more which would help pay for my travel.


    These are more informal, usually held outdoors in a public park, or even a parking lot will do. I do have a small 8'X8' canopy which we can huddle under when we're not out running in the rain. No electricity is needed, just maybe some restrooms available to the participants.


    Where events have been confirmed, I might still need a host, or suggestions for camping, but otherwise, all I'm asking is that you drag all of your family, friends, even enemies to the listen to me talk about how people are breaking their feet trying to run "barefoot" in shoes, and how to prevent this (with or without shoes).

    All plans are subject to change, until after they happen! - Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton


    tentative - need venue (we don't expect much interest here, but we'll be in the area anyway)
    I have overnight host
    2013 July 5 evening
    Roseau, Minnesota


    more info:


    Have fun,
    -Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton

    Contact me:
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