July Education Opportunities in Barefoot Science!

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Dear Health & Fitness Professionals:

    We hope this email finds you well! As we approach the official start of Summer - it is time to start planning your Summer education opportunities!
    This July EBFA has over NINE educational opportunities for you to participate in and advance your understanding of barefoot science and from the ground up programming!

    What are past attendees saying about EBFA Education?
    My trainers and I enjoyed this [EBFA] workshop very much and we felt [Dr Emily's] approach of teaching is very relevant to what we do as a physical trainers, be it from a pilates background or functional training background.

    Having attended various injury and special population training courses, I feel [EBFA's] education approach is more forefront and the way [Dr Emily] break down the structure of the course plan makes it easier for us to absorb.

    Thank you for everything and we definitely benefited a lot from BarefootRx®.
    - L.O., Singapore

    Evidence Based Fitness Academy
    Leaders in Barefoot Education


    In the mean time, please connect with us on
    as well as check out our latest blog
    and sign up for our webinar!
    Dr. Emily Splichal
    Evidence Based Fitness Academy

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