Join us at Low-Carb Keto Winchester FEB 5

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    Join us at Low-Carb Keto Winchester FEB 5
    Visit our event page here:


    Background on the topic:

    Mark is a champion in using therapeutic intervention to help patients with diabetes achieve remission. Dr. Mark Cucuzzella is a Professor from West Virginia University School of Medicine, and a retired Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Colonel. He practices Family Medicine at WVU’s Jefferson Medical Center. Mark has developed and adopted a protocol for using a low-carb diet for patients with obesity, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes. Practicing what they preach, the hospital has eliminated all sugar-sweetened beverages from the hospital. Current research interests are in the use of continuous glucose monitors for diabetes remission and therapeutic carbohydrate reduction for severe pediatric obesity. Mark is going to talk to us about medication reduction, continuous glucose monitoring, and remission of diabetes mellitus type 2.


    Get Outside!

    Picture of the week from my running and low carb friend in Oregon Betsy Hartley
    For inspiration on what lifestyle change can do read here


    Happy Weekend! Dr. Mark Cucczzella

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