Itasca Moccasin Cota

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Sid, Feb 15, 2015.

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    Itasca Moccasin Cota

    These are made of high quality, durable, medium thickness leather.
    They have the appearance of being handmade, not in a custom-fit bespoke manner, but appear crafty.

    Using their custom fit option, a tracing of each foot was faxed, with special notation regarding my bunion. It took a few weeks for the shoes to be made.
    The shoes were too snug in the toe box. They were the proper length.

    Good service over the phone, during initial call to discuss the custom fit option. Initially, was leaning towards the Leitner, an entry level shoe, costing a little over $100. It was recommended that the Cota would be better, due to having laces, costing a little under $200.

    Spoke with same gentlemen, after the shoes arrived. It was recommended that after wearing, the leather would stretch.

    I was very disappointed in these. I had hoped that by using a custom tracing, that the toe box would be wide enough. Due to my bunions, it’s not comfortable to have any pressure along the side of the big toe. Unlike some other shoes, the leather was quite thick, and it would have taken quite some time to stretch out the leather, all the while placing pressure on my bunions.

    I was hoping to wear these shoes for the office, but they appeared too crafty. They do look perfect for those with cold feet, while lounging around at home. They seemed quite warm during the time that I had them on.

    Itasca offers a guarantee. It became obvious that these shoes would not work for me as office shoes. The Itasca gentleman didn’t offer to take them back for adjustments, and I didn’t ask. These shoes have been written off as an expensive lesson on what type of shoes won’t work for me.

    Itasca appears to be a good company with good service with quality products for specific purposes. It seems that they would be ideal for people with shoe-shaped feet. Fortunately, I am not one of those people.
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    Sid, you may want to consider reaching out to Beaver Tracks -

    I've seen his work in person and know several people who have been wearing his stuff for decades.
    Also, he's an actual shoe maker, not just a moccasin maker, so he should be able to answer any questions or concerns you have about dealing with your bunions, etc.
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