Invisible Shoes FeelTrue Connect Huaraches

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    Apr 3, 2012
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    Reviewed by: chadisbarefoot
    Date Product Reviewed: 08/08/2011
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    Vist my blog for the full review: Unshod and Unashamed

    "Criteria Rankings - 10 is highest, of course. This takes into consideration the intended purpose of the shoe.
    #1: Width/Toe box – 10/10 - Wide as you want it to be!
    #2: Flatness – 10/10 - Zero drop, baby!
    #3: Ground Feel – 9/10 - Excellent ground feel. Basically the closest I have every felt short of being completely barefoot. Socks would be a 9.5/10.
    #4: Weight – 9/10 - Mine weigh in at a dainty four ounces on our kitchen scale.
    #5: Durability – 10/10 - No visible wear so far.
    #6: Flexibility – 10/10 - It just doesn't get any more flexible.
    #7: Attractiveness – 7/10 - They are not for everyone, but the are leaps and bounds more socially acceptable and low-key than toe shoes. Different lacing options can help alleviate the "feminine" look, but they are still thin-laced sandals.
    #8: Price – 10/10 - At $24.95 for the adult FeelTrue 4mm Connect DIY outsole and laces (and pins! lol), this is a minimalist shoe with a minimalist price. You can opt to have them pre-trimmed and lace for you for a $39.95, but honestly! What fun is that?
    Other Considerations – Lacing/ease of adjustment can be a challenge, especially early on, but if you endure you are rewarded nicely.

    Verdict - If you want the least possible shoe on your foot to be socially acceptable or to provide just a tad of protection from rough or hot pavement, you should look no further than Invisible Shoes. These are my go-to casual and running footwear for the Summer."

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