Invisible Shoes 4mm Contact and 6mm Connect with FeelTrue™ Outsoles

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    Apr 3, 2012
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    Reviewed by: LavaRunner
    Date Product Reviewed: 07/27/2011
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    I received the 4mm Contact and 6mm Connect DIY with FeelTrue™ Outsoles a few days ago.

    What struck me immediately was the "coolness" of the sole. They are huaraches but have a finished feel. I have not seen Luna Sandals but they are certainly on par with pictures I have seen. Comparing my old 4mm Vibram Cherry to the rubber of the new FeelTrue™ Outsoles, the FeelTrue are slightly more flexible and offered a little more ground feel yet seemed to stay tighter to the foot. The 6mm are a little stiffer than the 4mm cherry and about the same ground feel and stayed tight to the foot while running using the slip on tying method. I intentionally ran over rocks, twigs and small patched of glass and whatever I could find, the 6mm Connect offers a little more protection than the 4mm Cherry.
    What I really like is that sending Steven my foot length, the sole fits perfect. I could trim a tad bit off one foot since my feet are different sizes but I cannot bring myself to mangle the beautiful craftsmanship. They just look too damn good to hack up with my dull scissors. The bottom tread pattern has this cool Chevron design and yesterday running I stepped into a patch of clay mud rounding a corner. I immediately tensed because in my VFF's I would have slipped but these seemed to hold their own. I have not taken them four wheeling yet but they seem to have decent traction, as much as my KSO Treks maybe and definitely more than the Cherry outsole material.
    Last in my short review is the design of the lace holes. Thicker material where needed so they will last longer. I’ve not had trouble with my Cherry Huaraches but I was always concerned in a bind they might rip. Not these, the material is about 50% thicker at the lace holes for added strength.
    I’ll be giving them more workouts and as I form other opinions I’ll be posting a more extensive review but for now, this is my take.
    Sort of off topic but not is one thing I learned. The one major problem I have always had with any Huarache sandal is the knot between the toes. I always feel it. Using InvisibleShoe's lacing material I was able to tie a figure 8 knot then heat it up with a flame and smash the knot flat with some pliers. This made it easy to position the knot so that it lays flat right from the git go and I cannot feel it. That alone put a huge Run Smiley smile on my face!
    Good Job Steven and Crew! Bravo!
    Ratings Explainations
    Durability, I have not had them long enough to evaluate this.
    Comfort I gave 3 stars because I am still unsure how well I like the string between the toe. I may upgrade this later as I get more used to the sting. One aspect I have noticed is huaraches bother me in between the toes for about 10 minutes then i stop noticing them.
    Cross Training: I am not sure how well these would apoplyu to cross training unless walking and hiking were cross training. I certainly would not ride a bike in them but then, I wear biking shoes for that.
    Fit: 4 stars, you are probably going to have to tweek them. But 4 stars is good in my book.
    Traction: they are good compared to Huaraches made from other materials. However compared to a trail shoe there really is no comparison and I don't thing traction is the intent here.

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