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    Hi everybody! Not sure if you're all also members of the Michigan Chapter, but I stepped in as the new Prez over there last week and just wanted to say HI!

    I grew up in Gaylord about 45 minutes south of the bridge and spent a lot of time in the UP when i was a kid before going to NMU for a couple years aback in the 90s where I fell in love with the Marquette area. My in laws also have a cottage we visit on occasion in Manistique. I guess I qualify more as a fudgie than anything these days, but I always consider myself a displaced yooper.

    anyway, I wanted to make sure I was in touch with all you folks up there as one of my goals as a runner is to do as much running in the UP as the 5 hour drivev to the bridge will allow. ;)

    in fact, I'll be attending the Lilac Festival 10k on the 11th if anyone is planning on being there and will be keeping eyes peeled for other barefooters.

    hope to get a chance to run up there soon!


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