International Races - Wilmslow, UK - Half Marathon

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    International Races - Wilmslow, UK - Half Marathon
    By Kungaloosh Dan

    Hi guys,

    Just ran our first half marathon in England recently, and my wife's first half marathon EVER :D

    Wilmslow is a mostly rural little town outside Manchester, a few hours north of London. So the course mostly runs through fields, farms, old trees overhanging the road, and a couple village pubs.

    It's not terribly flat, but the hills aren't a killer. The roads are a little rough in spots; more than one runner went down when a pothole jumped up and bit them.

    The weather was very warm, for those not accustomed to it. People from Florida would probably call it manageable, but for the people living here, temperatures in the low 80s, are HOT for running, and regrettably, the ambulance crews were kept busy helping runners who collapsed or otherwise dropped out from the heat.

    Images here show the face of a local wizard hand-carved from the trunk of a tree, and authentic stocks and whipping post for the punishment of criminal, dated back to the 16th century.

    whm1.jpg whm2.jpg whm4.jpg
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