International Barefoot Running Day

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    We’ve been trying to figure out how to mark International Barefoot Running Day (5th May) in a way which includes everyone, no matter where in Great Britain you are located. A running meet might be a great social occasion for those who can get there, but practically speaking, it’s only ever going to be accessible to a fraction of our membership, and that isn’t what we want at all! Wherever you are in Scotland, Wales, or England, we want you to be able to join in with our celebration of the sport and pleasure of barefoot running. So, we have come up with an IBRD challenge that everyone can participate in, irrespective of geography and whether you are a seasoned ultra-runner or someone taking their first barefoot steps…

    Collectively, we are going to run the length and breadth of the land! From the most Southerly point of the British Mainland (Lizard Point in Cornwall) to the most Northerly (Dunnet Head, Caithness), passing through Holyhead in Anglesey on the way, is a distance of 975km. From the most Easterly (Lowestoft Ness, Suffolk) to the most Westerly (Corrachadh Mor, Highland) is 698km. Adding the two together we arrive at 1,673km, or 1046 miles and so that is our goal: to collectively log at least that many barefoot miles over the course of the weekend of the 4th and 5th of May. Every barefoot run (or walk) you take will count and no distance is too great or too small – every step brings us closer to our goal. You can log your distance on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ibrduk, or by replying to this post. Include an image and some words if you can and we’ll build up a picture of our collective achievement, allowing us all to truly share the experience.

    Anyone can take part – members and non-members – as long as they are willing to lose the shoes and celebrate barefoot running! So let’s get out there and run the length and breadth of our land this IBRD...
    Happy running!

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