International Barefoot Running Day - May 6th Group Run

Discussion in 'Chapters' started by bogrist, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Hello Barefooters!

    May 6th is International Barefoot Running Day and it would be great for us all to get together for a group run!

    To maximize the number of folks participating, I would like to pick a location based on responses from the group. As most folks are likely to be in the Atlanta Area, I would suggest either:

    1) Piedmont Park
    2) Grant Park
    3) Alpharetta Greenway
    4) Something Else

    Please respond if you would like to attend and vote on a place(s) that would be most convenient for you and let's select a place that would work for most folks.

    I look forward to meeting you guys and celebrating the day!


    Bo Grist, Shoeless Bo
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    I might be in for a run that day depending on the start time...out of the above list my first pick would be Alpharetta Greenway. Stone Mountain Park or Suwannee Creek Greenway would be good with me also.

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