International Barefoot Running Day! Los Angeles Area

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    Let's figure out where and what we're doing on 2023 May 07 Sunday morning...

    I’m gonna dust off my running shoes… oh wait, I don’t have or need running shoes. Anyway, I would like to organize a simple get-together for locals, near L.A. O.C. Santa Barbara, Inland Empire, Etc… Or, if we want to get together at an existing 5K and/or longer run – preferably with a 5K event, because I’m not “running” much further than that now-a-days (actually mostly walking)… but anyway, here’s a list of some running/walking events in California on May 7

    Of course, I suggest meeting up for a fun run/walk in Huntington Beach, since the weather is typically more comfortable – also, If we meet at Bolsa Chica State Beach (Warner at Pacific Coast Hwy), I can walk to the event – though parking might be difficult (or expensive at Bolsa Chica State Beach, if the adjacent and FREE Sunset Beach parking is full – which it probably will be later in the morning … well let’s just keep it a morning event).

    Shoes and Beards Optional...​
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