International Barefoot Running Day 2015

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    The 5th annual International Barefoot Running Day (IBRD) is on Sunday, May 3rd.

    The 2015 IBRD Pages are ready for use and all links are up-to-date.

    Please think about organising an event in your area (or even just a run with friends and family.)

    Visit the IBRD page ( and locate the link to register your event. There's a lot of useful information here too, along with some links and ideas on how to get your event noticed.

    We look forward to the California - San Diego Chapter participating in this very important day!

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    Hi all,

    Who's excited for International Barefoot Running Day? San Diego barefoot runners, join us for a fun-run Sunday, May 3 in Balboa Park. We'll meet at 2 pm near the Founder's statue at the NW corner of Balboa & El Prado. We'll break into different speed/distance groups, so runners of all levels are welcome. Hope to see you there!

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