International Barefoot Runners Day!

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    Dear Washington Chapter Members,

    I need help planning and organizing this event. Please post your comments about where you would like this to take place, what length of event you want and if you are available to help out on May 1st 2011. You can also email me too.



    Sat, 04/30/2011 - 9:00pm-Sun, 05/01/2011 - 8:55pmAdditional Info:
    Join in the fun for this great international event!

    On 1 May 2011, barefoot runners will hit the roads the world over in a collective display of natural running. These will be fun runs of 1km, 5km or maybe 10 Km.

    Proudly sponsored by the Barefoot Runners Society, the event is truly international, with over a dozen countries represented (at current count). We expect as many as several thousand runners worldwide. We will also be reaching out to other barefoot and running organizations, as well as inviting the press.

    Our goal:a “critical mass” event to create awareness for BFR and to show the world just how much fun it can be.

    Start time:Any time you find appropriate for your area.

    Locations:As organized by local chapters. (A website for searching the locations will be available soon).

    Distances:fun runs of 1km and 5km. Some locations my do other distances as well.

    Mark your Calendar!

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