Insertional Achillies Tendon Issues

Discussion in 'Ask the Docs' started by Meri Steinmetz, Apr 3, 2019.

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    Hi all
    My planter fasciosis cleared up nicely but I have developed a new problem. I ran a ton of hills in early march because I happen to take a trip to the green mountains in Vermont. Ever since I have been having this pain in the back of my heel, not on the bottom. It looks to be where the chillies tendon attaches. I gave it two weeks and eased back into running. Here is the funny thing. I can wear my vivobarefoot shoes or run barefoot no problem. But as soon as the back of my sandals (Luna's or Earth Runners) touch the back of my heel, the pain begins again. I can press on it and it doesn't hurt. But walking or running or going downstairs in the sandals really hurts so much that I have modified my walking. I've been doing calf raises and holding them. I'm going to see if that helps. I love running in sandals as they fit the best for long distance running. Please help!
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    Hmm. This is interesting. Only pain with certain shoes. the simple answer is it's those shoes. If it isn't those shoes then what is it? that may require a physical exam to determine what is the cause.

    In the meantime you can try a few things. Pull back on your heel bone, calcaneus. See if it's position will aggravate the pain. Push your talus posterior more and see if that one aggravates the pain. Check your calves higher up for trigger points. All the meaty stuff in the back and just up the sides of the knee and below the hamstrings. Gastroc and soleus.

    Beyond that you will need some live help. Post a picture and circle where it's hurting. Post pics of the sandals too.

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    Any extra bump on heel? That would be Haglund's syndrome.. I got this by wearing VFF V-alphas, which were great running shoes for winter, but had completely unpadded and really tight back of the ankle. I hoped they would loosen up with use - nope. Now I have noticeable extra bump on the back of my right heel. It seems that when it gets aggravated by too much rubbing or pressure with back of shoes, achilles tendon becomes tighter.

    I thought for quite a long time that I only had achilles problems and the bump was just harmless side effect. Because the bump requires extra room, shoes that were ok before this, cause pressure and rubbing on that bump..

    Well, reason for barefooting more..

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