Inner Basin/Weathorford/Humphreys Trail

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    Date Reviewed: 10/24/2010
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    Inner Basin/San Francisco Peaks
    FR 420
    Flagstaff , AZ
    See map: Google Maps


    1-Inner Basin Trail: The trail begins at Lockett Meadows which you can get to by taking Highway 89 to FR 420 (across from Sunset Crater Turn Off) and then getting on FR 552. This will take you to Lockett Meadows. The 3.9 miles of this trail to the Weathorford intersection is moderately steep uphill. You gain about 2,000 feet in elevation on fairly rocky but nicely worn trail.

    2-Weathorford Trail: At the 4 mile mark you will intersect with the weathorford trail. Head right if you are headed to Humphreys Peak. This trail will take you above treeline and to the ridge where you will intersect with Humphreys Trail. Still about the same on the feet.

    3-Humphreys Trail: The last portion of the ascent guides you through the large cinders and rough rocky trail. Like I said in the Humphreys trail review, this is good terrain as long as you manouver carefully and dont stub a toe. I believe the total distance is 8.5 miles (give or take).

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