Information for Tabor to Crest - Leg assignments, etc.

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    So you will all go down as the original Tabor2Crest pioneer! Years from now I can year you guys rambling:

    “Yeah it was WAY cooler when I first did that way back when it started. It was a ramshackle group of 15 or so…. Total chaos, but loads of fun. Now the crowds suck and the parking is miserable….”

    Anyhow here is the scoop as it stands now:

    We have 2 relay teams of 3 and 7 full length participants. I wasn’t sure how the math would work out and which group I would be in. As of now I will be rounding out one of the teams, which probably works best because we needed an extra downhiller and I can start the race and then get over to the end to help set-up as well as field calls if needed for any during race eventualities)

    Full-Length Tabor2Crest Participants:







    Jere (walk)

    Relay Participants (Leg details below)

    Team Soft Hop: Darcy, Jen, Martin

    Team Switchie: Sanatan, Karin, Elizabeth

    Day of Race:

    1) Safety and fun is paramount. Be smart, sensible and remember MM Rule #2 (Walk or run in your own footsteps). We expect that everyone barefooting will at least carry footwear to use if terrain or heat become an issue. Stay happy and healthy.

    2) Tabor2Crest starts at 9:00 AM start. 8:40 gathering time for those starting at Tabor

    3) My cell number is 206 290 3782 Put it in your phone right now…

    4) Here is the map of the course. You can load it into your smartphone if you like. There will be intermittent course markings ( a green footprint) at intersections and along the way BUT YOU NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE AND KNOW YOUR COURSE. You can zoom in on the Satellite image down to the block level or you can traverse your section. You can call me if you get totally lost but I may not be able to help. You may also look at the elevation profile by turning elevation on ‘large’ in sidebar.

    5) Please wear a green shirt if at all possible. Or at least a green hat, shorts, sash, hula skirt…. Green will be our color of solidarity this time ( and help relayers recognize each other).

    6) Transportation: You will find a solution that works for your situation/leg. Here are some great options:

    a. Walk/run back

    b. Leave your car at the end the day before

    c. Buddy-up and leave one car at the end of the race/your section.

    d. Lock a bike at the end and bike back

    e. Car2Go

    f. Trimet/Tram

    g. Group cab

    h. Hang glider….

    i. I will have a car with a few spots and will drive back to Tabor but only at the end of the gathering/finishers.

    7) Post race gathering will be at the top of Council Crest from when the first arrivers show up 10:30ish?, to the last around 12:30-1?. Nearby house fell through at last minute. Still sorting out if BBQ is possible or just snacks. Beer will probably have to be discreet. Bring some cash to pitch in if you want to partake.

    8) My cell number is 206 290 3782 if you need to contact me. Relay mates and others may want to share info to help coordinate timing

    Relay Participants Legs:

    Team Soft Hop:

    Leg 1: Darcy: Start to SE 45th and Lincoln

    Leg 2: Jen: SE 45th (Show up at 9:30AM to wait for Darcy/warm up) and Lincoln to MM Fountain at Waterfront Park

    Leg 3: Martin: MM Fountain at Waterfront Park (Show up at 10 to wait for Jen/warm-up ) to Council Crest

    Team Switchie: (Lets be sure to exchange cell numbers) Me: 206-290-3782

    Leg 1: Sanatan: to Sewallcrest Park South entrance at cul-de-sac

    Leg 2: Karin: Sewallcrest Park (arrive at 9:15 to warm-up) to MM Fountain at Waterfront Park

    Leg 3: Elizabeth (arrive at 9:45 to warm-up) to Council Crest

    That should do it, though I am probably forgetting something/someone. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Should be fun. Looking forward to seeing everybody!

    Happy 4th!

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    you forgot me!
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    Wait, when is this? I'll do it. Full length probably. What day and date?

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    John and anyone else,
    You can look at the origional Tabor2Crest post on the oregon chapter forum for info. It starts at Mt. Tabor tomorrow at 9AM, arrive at 840. 9.5 miles.

    The route is mostly marked and the map is here:

    Hope to see you there

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