IN/Greenfield - Rebel Race: Indiana 5k & 15k adventure run

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    Date: Fri 09/23/11 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

    Rebel Race is a weekend get-away for athletes that want to run a military
    style 5k or 15k and then party like there's no tomorrow! - it's the most
    adrenaline rushing obstacle run ever!

    The Rebel Race Series is designed for people feeling the urge to tackle
    intense obstacles. From start to finish, Rebel Race's military style
    obstacles will have you dashing, barricade-climbing, mud-crawling,
    rope-swinging and fire-jumping. Our grueling course forces each rebel to
    test their physical toughness and mental endurance. Cross the finish line
    and bask in the glory with tons of beer, food, live entertainment, and many
    new friends covered in mud. Earn the bragging rights!

    Whether you're running, watching, or camping, it'll be a weekend you'll
    never forget!

    There are participants running for over 70 charities to raise money for
    their cause. The top 5 charities will be offered tent space at the event.
    Please come and donate.
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    Hey this sounds great Caleb. Is it just for one day and where is it held? do you have a registration address or web site to contact?

    Are you running in this thing?

    I just love my barefoot runs.

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