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    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to keep you all in the loop.

    We have updated the site to the latest site software platform version of XenForo; as things break with new version upgrades, we killed almost all of the bugs that popped up after the update (I hope we don't find anymore); and commissioned to have a much needed module "rewritten." This module broke beyond repair since it was out-of-date and owned by the previous developer who went rouge on us, so he is unavailable to honor it. You may recall that this particular module allows all of the chapters to appear in the creation of a calendar event which allows them to be placed in the appropriate chapter, and it gives each chapter its own list of upcoming events. Besides, Ken Bob wants it back, and if Ken Bob wants it... :barefoot:

    Not that I didn't try for you all this time, because I have been working hard for you, as always, but this upgrade was LONG overdue and due to our lack of resources (a missing developer and funding).

    Updating our site is something that can be expected to occur every couple to few years going forward, depending.

    Although we won't have our yearly fundraiser until after International Barefoot Running Day is over (May 1), we still need to bring our funds back up. The total expense for the upgrades, the repairs, and module recreation) came to $1,529. This depleted our funds considerably. If you can afford to contribute to the BRS, please do so as soon as you are able. Locate the Donation button on the Home Page. We need you.


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