I'm Manhattan-based with a lot of runs in Brooklyn

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    Hi, I'm IraR. I'm Manhattan-based with a lot of runs in Brooklyn and here and there some contact with Queens & Bronx. I actually grew up upstate (Tri-Cities/West Binghamton/Owego area), but the chances I'll get to Central New York (yes, I know that's considered Syracuse-area) are rather slim at this point. I do know my state geography and hope to be sensitive to my Apple-knocker brethren's needs, although I don't know if I can help that much. My home and office are just off Central Park West, so I do have the capacity of organizing Central Park Runs or West Side Greenway runs easily for those who are NYC-based. Alternatively, I go back and forth to see Mom in assisted living near Macdonald Avenue south of Greenwood Cemetery, so I'm frequently in Brooklyn's Prospect Park or running between Prospect Park Brooklyn and Manhattan's Central Park, usually over the Manhattan Bridge. For a while several years ago I ran Early Tuesday Morning runs at 5:30 am in Manhattan. I'm currently interested in late-night runs, say 9:00 at night in Central Park or West Side Greenway or Prospect Park currently. New York City's artificial sources of heat means that we have a fairly-warm micro-climate (yeah, I've wondered about planting some upstate or Long Island grapevines in my back-of-the-lot alleyway) in which barefooting is possible most-of-the-year-round. I'm a fan of learning to adapt the body to cold a la Wim Hof's methods. I don't really have time for racing, and I'm generally fairly leisurely-paced, anyway. I've noticed that the fad of barefoot running is well past its peak and have been stopped by police checking me out and calling my wife (to make sure I'm not insane) quite a number of times recently (most recently last Tuesday), so getting a group together again for support may be worthwhile. I bike quite a bit; lately in my Xero-shoes. I'm also into yoga (Ashtanga-style) and tai chi, and had some tiny amount of experience with Crossfit and the Natural Movement people. I'm not a great natural athlete, by any means, but I have a lot of grit and endurance, a fan of Spartan, Stoic, ascetic ways, with quite a spiritual side. I'm trying to push myself back towards more running by making commitments to run with others again. What should we try for next? If I'm going to meet with others in the mornings regularly, I could meet at West 69th St. and Central Park West at 5:30 am again for a loop of Central Park. The last two years they have been posting signs that the park is closed until 6:00 am, but nobody's stopped me as long as I'm on the roadway.
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