IL/Highland Park - Barefoot Running Clinic for New Barefoot Runners

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    Date: Sat 10/16/10 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT
    Link: Chicago Area Barefoot Running Meetup

    Barefoot Running Clinic for New Barefoot Runners

    This is a workshop for those who are new or almost new to barefoot running. Proper form and technique will be emphasized. We will do a bit of BFR on grass, asphalt, concrete and gravel. Total time will be approximately two hours. No fee. The wearing of minimalist shoes (e.g. Vibram Five Fingers) is discouraged but not prohibited. Instructor: Barefoot Owen

    NOTE: Whatever the calendar may say, the meeting time is 1PM to 3PM. (There is a site glitch that sometimes corrupts this information.)

    Location: at the bottom of the sledding hill.

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