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    Levi Dodd
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    As an introduction, I will periodically be posting these reviews of various products and brands.
    At the end (a few months), I will publish all of the reviews in a PDF and make that available to anyone who wishes.
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    icebreaker apparel
    icebreaker is a very unique company. They have taken a stance (a real stance – not a marketing ploy) on environmental conservation, from their materials, to their factories, every step of the way.

    Now, this isn’t done by throwing a couple bucks at Al Gore to offset a carbon footprint, instead, icebreaker took a holistic approach: from the raw materials, the farmers, the supply chain and transportation, to the manufacturers and their employees, icebreaker is striving (and doing an amazingly good job) to be in control every step of the way.
    Icebreaker is making a valiant effort to not only have a great slogan, “It’s about our relationship with nature and to each other”, but taking ground breaking steps in transparency all the way down to the end user on how they are living that slogan out (check out their ‘baacode’).

    icebreaker GT Run Distance Short

    These shorts from icebreaker are from their GT Run line (”a premium range of technical garments designed specifically for runners. Icebreaker merino breathes, controls temperature and protects runners from the sun's harmful rays.”) and, like the GT Run Shirt I also reviewed, is made from natural New Zealand Merino wool. In fact, the shorts are made from 97% Merino wool. As such, these shorts do an excellent job of regulating temperature and wicking moisture exceptionally well. In addition to the excellent drying, these shorts also do an excellent job of staying odor free! Most of my running days happen on my lunch break at work, so I’ll change in my office, take off on my run, come back and change again. I was able to do this for a couple of weeks (leaving the shorts hanging on a small rack in the corner of my office) without taking these shorts home and they remained fresh.

    Far and away, the Merino wool (the quality of the natural Merino wool that they use) is the number one feature of these shorts. Even the liner is Merino wool (which having the underwear liner made in this way is a huge benefit for obvious reasons). These icebreaker shorts also feature Flatlock seams which make the shorts have a completely seamless feel – no riding, no chaffing, no irritiation. Additionally, the shorts have an interior key pocket, which I always look for in running shorts.

    Also, strictly as a matter of opinion, these shorts are the perfect length. At a 5” inseam you have enough length that anyone is comfortable wearing them, but they are short enough to provide complete freedom of movement, be light weight, and not look like you’re running in basketball shorts!

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