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    Hello everyone,

    I think I posted this to the wrong place, so I am repeating. Sorry for the duplicates, I just want to make sure that the word gets out.

    We’re live to go with the IBRD webpage, which means we can start setting up the local events. The crash of the BRS-site set us back a few weeks, but we’ve been working hard and it’s working now.

    Please go to http://barefootrunners.org/ibrd. There you will find links both to the listing of the events and to the form where you can enter your events.

    Please enter your planned events as soon as possible to the entry form. (Some of you have already entered them in the Calendar. Thanks! You do not need to use the entry form, I will copy the information to the listing.)

    There is also an FAQ for those hosting events. You’ll find the link on the page for the event entry form.

    There will also be very soon a website dedicated just to IBRD. As soon as it is up, I'll let you know.

    If you still have any questions, feel free to write to me at ibrd@barefootrunners.org.


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