IBRD 2014 Report From Mexico City

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    Hello, even when I wasn’t in any formal event I decided to celebrate and go out to run in my first IBRD over Reform’s Avenue, I got up earlier and around 6:30 am I was already there, for my surprise when I arrived I saw a bunch of runners and according to them, that day was the ESPN Half Marathon :pompus: , so after thinking about for 5 seconds I decided to go and race.

    A week earlier I couldn’t resist to buy some VFF KSO EVO, I just wanted some comfortable shoes to go out to the super market, make diligences, and to hang out all day in public places that don't allow BF'ers, so, after taking the decision of racing that day, after months of not being in a "popular race" (only trails and 2 50K ultras) I planned my strategy, to run 11K with the Vibram and the rest BF (That was my plan for the city Half Marathon in July).

    Obviously I didn’t register for the race but I was carrying ½ liter of Gatorade, that way and for respect for those who did paid I didn’t took any of the water and Gatorade from the hydration points or anything reserved for the runners (including medal).

    The race started at 7 am, everything felt fine, I reached the 10K without effort, running at a slow pace, and then, some kind of fear started to eat me, fear of failure, fear of the bad looks, fear of pain, fear about my trainings… fortunately those fears were just momentarily and at the 13K mark, good bye Vibram’s.

    Everything felt OK, posture, relaxation, soles, and most of the people didn’t even notice me, I started to smile, and enjoy the route (It’s amazing how much noise shod runners do) .

    After some good comments and some bad, I reach the finish line in 2:16 (my body was happy, no pain of any kind), 9 minutes faster that my last year HM (shod, tired, almost crying for the inhuman effort jeje).

    Anyway, here are the finish line photos:


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