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    Organize a local International

    Barefoot Running Day Event

    To set up a local event as part of IBRD, please fill out the form below. After a quick review, we’ll post it on the events listing page both at barefootrunners.org and at www.barefootrunningday.com. From there, it will be open for the world to see.??

    Please take care to be accurate and specific, especially with the time and the location.??

    You have full latitude to organize the local meeting as you see fit: time, location, fun run, timed race,etc. You certainly may organize the meeting as part of another event (a scheduled race or fun run).

    Without you, IBRD wouldn’t be possible!

    ??--The IBRD Team

    This entry form is no longer active (since this is the 2011 page.) If you are interested in hosting an IBRD event please go to the current page at: http://barefootrunners.org/ibrd
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    I look forward to meeting new friends and helping others the best I can to get into barefoot running and walking. Grays Lake is a lovely meeting place that is clean and well maintained with restrooms on either end of the lake and lots of parking.

    Please contact me at 515-661-4738 or angiebeehotz@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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    Canada - Toronto Chapter

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