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Discussion in 'Ask the Docs' started by BareFootBC, Jul 22, 2019.

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    Any input regarding this as a healing technique? Six months after a category 2 (almost 3ish) Ankle twist I’m still experiencing swelling. My ankle is feeling strong, minimal soreness, the ache I had has pretty much vanished but I’m still experiencing swelling.
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    I'm not familiar with it.

    6 months and still swelling, your best bet would be to see a professional. PT, DC Osteopath (if they still use their hands). That isn't normal. Tissues heal within two months unless you keep aggravating it and not allow it to heal.

    Call around and see who's the best near you. Some good certifications to check for are DNS, SFMA, FMS, Prague school, McGill, Barefoot specialist (EBFT).

    You need to have someone get their hands on you and evaluate you. I wish it could be done over the line but it can't.

    Good luck!

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