Hello,Virginia B-Runners! Spring meet-ups?

Discussion in 'Chapters' started by Norma Smith, Jan 26, 2019.

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    Hello, Virginia:
    I'm shiney new to minimalist/barefoot running. In fact, I'm still conditioning my body to zero-drop shoes at work. My next step is to do some walking and eventually, of course, some running. I have the guidance of a supportive sports doctor, so I've not truly begun. He has me working on my proprioception first. Enough on me. I'm wondering if the Virginia chapter has any group runs or meet-ups scheduled for 2019? Seeing as the high temperature next week is only in the 20s, I'm guessing meet-ups are more popular later in the year. However, I'm originally a Florida girl, so I could be dead wrong.

    Lastly, any advice you want to throw my way will be hugely appreciated! For instance, what is a must-read? I've read Born to Run and Whole Body Barefoot (by Bowman). What should I read next? Thanks, Norma (Normi) Smith
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    Welcome Normi! Glad to have you here. I hope someone from Virginia will chime in soon.

    I think you are starting out right in that if you have to wear shoes at work that they be zero drop. Having a barefoot-friendly doc is a huge help too. I would suggest that when you walk outside and in and around your house that you do it barefoot. Condition your soles that way for some time before you start to run. Then when you are ready to run, do it barefoot for short distances at first and then gradually build up to longer runs. If your end-goal is to run barefoot, then starting out truly barefoot is the best way to do it. I know from experience that trying to transition from shoes to barefoot while running can cause you terrible injuries. Being barefoot allows you to sense the terrain and make better judgments such as where to place your feet, how to place your feet. When we wear shoes, even the most minimal, our perception of the surface is skewed. You want to be able to feel your footfalls to avoid injuries... and truly enjoy your runs. :barefoot:
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