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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by DamoBristol, Jun 27, 2021.

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    Jun 26, 2021
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    Thanks for having me as a member.

    Just starting out on my journey really. Listened to an excellent podcast series on BBC Sounds app from Michael Mosley called Just One Thing. A series of small changes to make in life to improve your well-being. Worth a listen.

    One episode was all about balance and how improving it improves your body and mind. So, I bought a wobble board and started strengthening my feet. Amazing effect on my body doing just that.

    Then out walking about a fortnight later, met a woman walking the Cotswold Way barefoot for charity. I stopped for a chat and she extolled the virtues of barefoot walking and Xero shoes so I bought some Clouds and Colorados and been in them the last two weeks.

    Between those and the wobble board my body has completely realigned. Things that even 25+ years of yoga I couldn't get to. Amazing.

    I'd had years of orthotics including some expensive kevlar ones, but after advice from a friend had weaned myself off these some years ago by stepping up my yoga. It kinda always made sense to me that if a part of your body is weak you need to work it more so why should feet be different?

    So a real convert here. More annoying evangelist, really Lol. Need to iron out some last wrinkles and carry on strengthening and I'll be ready for a run. (I stopping running completely as I knew my body was so poorly aligned). Hopefully, I can make my comeback at football that I've been hoping for for 20 years.

    Great to have this forum to ask all my dumb questions to.

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    Welcome, DB! Good to have you here! I'm seriously tempted into getting a wobble board now. :barefoot:
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    Welcome DB. Good to have you here.
    Just take it nice and steady when you start out running again and you’ll do fine..
    Enjoy the journey..:barefoot:
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    Thanks Damian! Welcome! Thanks for the info about your journey. I too now want to get a wobble board....

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