Healthy Running is Fun and Sustainable Running — Love Affair with 3 Marathons

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    Healthy Running is Fun and Sustainable Running — Love Affair with 3 Marathons
    By Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

    After enjoying another Marine Corps Marathon (47th place in 2:49 age 48) curiosity led to digging into past races that stretch back several decades. So into the archives I plunged to see how many MCMs (I thought it was 22) and what the times were. So I contacted my friend and Marine Corps Marathon historian George Banker (himself a 31-time MCM finisher, a member of the MCM Hall of Fame, and author of the book “History of the Marine Corps Marathon”). At one time George had sent me a picture of his basement which was filled with old newspapers, magazines, and photos of running history.

    I am grateful to people like George who save things. I have moved too many times in my career to gather things. Not only had George gathered this data, but he had data on one of my other favorite races, the Air Force Marathon. I added my favorite spring race- the Boston Marathon. These three marathons have special meaning for me as a career military officer and representative of the US Air Force competing in these races. Here are the times over the years, and then commentary afterwards. Medical School, Residency in California, overseas assignments, and no disposable income led to some early holes. To continue reading, please visit:
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    Nice retrospective, Dr Mark.

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