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    Our chapter is growing at a remarkable speed. It's really good to see. But with so many new members, I don't always get time to talk to each and every one of you about questions you might have about our little club. In an effort to answer some of the common questions I get, I'll be putting out a series of FAQs.

    Here's a FAQ for the most frequent event we hold here at BRS-MN: the group run.

    When are group runs held?

    We will hold at least one group run per month. The exact date and time of the group runs will vary. We try to schedule group runs at a date and time when the most members can attend. Generally, they will occur on the second Sunday of every month at 2:00pm.

    As interest develops, we may begin a second monthly group run on a date to be announced.

    Where do we meet for group runs?

    The location of the group run changes every month in an effort to show our members new, fun places to barefoot run. However, we usually try to pick locations that are convenient for a majority of our members. Most groupruns will be in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Occasionally, we will also schedule runs in larger communities such as Rochester, St. Cloud, and Duluth.

    How do I find out the date, time, and locationof this month's group run?

    Theparticulars of eachgroup run will be posted on the BRS-MN Chapter page as well as on our facebook page.

    What do I need to do to attend a group run?

    We only have three requirements for you to attend a group run.

    1) Youmust read and sign the BRS liability waiver. If you don't sign the waiver, you cannot run with the group...NO EXCEPTIONS. Waivers will be brought to each group run, and will also be available via email if you'd like to see them beforehand.

    2) We ask that you indicate that you will be attending either on facebook or on the BRS-MN Chapter page. This isso that we know to expect you and don't leave without you.

    Please do not indicate that you "maybe" coming to a group run. This gives us no idea of whether you'll actually be coming. We'd hate to leave someone behind in a situation like this!

    3) Please show up on time. Webegin all runs on time so as not to inconvenience the group. If you are running late, please contactsomeone and we will try to make arraignments to meet you on the trail.

    Do I have to run barefoot?

    No. You should run in whatever makes you comfortable and happy. We welcome folks of all levels of experience with barefoot running, from seasoned veterans to those that are just curious. We just want you to have fun and enjoy some good company!

    How far/fast do you go on a group run?

    The length and speed of each group run vary depending on the makeup of the group, weather conditions, trail conditions, etc. We let the group dictate the length and speed of each run. I try to to keep the group together and take the group dynamic every mile or so and adjust the length and speed of the run accordingly. But in general, you can expect a run of between 2-6 miles. Our speed is usually between 11:00 and 12:00 min/miles. We care more about socializing than speed.

    However, don't feel like you need to remain with the group. We often break into smaller groups that go faster or slower depending on who shows up. We've had groups running 6:00 min/miles, and others running 16:00 min/miles.

    Most importantly, WE WILL NEVER LEAVE A GROUP MEMBER BEHIND! Someone will always run with you.

    What is the group run weather policy?

    We will only cancel group runs due to weather if such weather makes traveling to the group run dangerous, or if it makes trail conditions dangerous. The decision to cancel a group run will be made the day of the event, and will be announced on facebook and the BRS-MN Chapter page. When the weather is bad please check those pages prior to traveling to these events. You may also contact me for the same information.

    Do you make up or reschedule group runs?

    We usually do not make up group runs if they are cancelled due to inclimate weather. However, we will occasionally reschedule a group run if low attendance is expected. In those situations, we will announce the new group run date on facebook and the BRS-MN Chapter page.

    Do you meet-up after the group run for dinner/drinks/etc.?

    We occasionally plan picnics, happy hours, and the like after a group run. If such activities are planned, they will be noted on the event posting. Otherwise, feel free to get together on your own with group members. We're all friends here!
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    You're doing a great job MGBG! Life is still a bit overwhelming but hopefully I'll make one of the runs in the not-too-distant future. All the best.
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